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Lovibond 724720, Sd320 Hand-Held Conductivity Meter Kit

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Lovibond, 724720, SD320 Hand-Held Conductivity Meter Kit in Case with LC 16 Electrode Includes Instrument Batteries Conductivity cell LC 16 (measuring range 0 - 1000 mS) Manual Guarantee sheet in case Features Rugged, water resistant (IP 67) designed for field use Dirt-insensitive up-to-date 4-pole conductivity cell offering highest precision Min / Max Value Memory highest and lowest measured value is saved Auto Hold freeze and display measurement Auto Power Off if unused, the meter automatically switches off after a selected period (0 to 120 min, or deactivated) Low Battery Display “BAT” Automatic temperature compensation As conductivity depends strongly on temperature, each conductivity value is only valid at the corresponding temperature



1.2 / cm

Applications Drinking Water Cooling/Boiler Water Waste Water Pool Water Surface Water cell constant 0.01 / cm cell constant 0.1 ..

Salinity measurement Salinity means the sum of amount of all dissolved salts in water

TDS measurement total dissolved solids TDS means the mass concentration of dissolved media in a liquid

The unit is g / kg

The unit is mg/l

Therefore the device supports temperature compensation, i.e

Referring the conductivity to a reference temperature selectable 20 176 C or 25 176 C


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