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1000W(2000W Peak) Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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Features:The power inverter can convert DC12V to AC220V.Overload, over temperature, short-circuit, low voltage, over voltage, reverse polarity protection.High efficiency, high stability of the output waveform.With power ON/OFF switch, LED indicator and USB output interface.Built-in intelligent cooling fan with low noise.Comes with a car charger and connecting cable, convenient to use.Suitable for all kinds of load, can be connected to any common electrical devices and inductive load devices(such as refrigerators, electric drill, etc.).Notice:Due to our inverter is full power, car charger need to be used under 300W, because it can only bear loads under 150W;If you need to use loads above 150W, it's necessary to use connecting cable to bear the corresponding load of inverter.Only 1000W model with LED screen display, please choose which you need!




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