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Meiji Techno Mt-61, Led Trinocular Biological Compound Microscope

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Meiji Techno, MT-61, LED Trinocular Brightfield Biological Compound Microscope Features: EWF10x/20 mm Eyepieces Trinocular head for easy photo microscopy Quintuple Ball Bearing nosepiece Infinity Corrected Plan EPI 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, S40x/0.65, S100x/1.25 oil-immersion DIN objectives 44.0 mm unmounted Blue and Green Filter 44.8 mm filter holder 23.2 mm Inner Diameter Trinocular Tube 3 mm Allen key to connect Trinocular head 2.4 mm Allen key to rotate Trinocular Tube Special C” tooth wrench to increase tension knob control 228.6mm x 140 mm rackless stage equipped with integrated 79 x 52 mm mechanical stage Height adjustable Abbe condenser N.A



1.25 Coarse and fine height adjustment Diascopic intensity adjustable 3W NeoLED illumination with internal 85V-240V power supply Auto-Voltage Power Sensing Power Supply iCare sensor for energy saving CSS - Cable Storage System Cord Wrap Immersion oil for supplied 100X objective The MT-61 is a Trinocular Compound Biological Brightfield Microscope with 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X oil, Infinity Corrected Microscope system with state-of-the-art features that have been specifically designed for Life Sciences and Biomedical Sciences

228.6mm x 140 mm rackless stage equipped with integrated 79 x 52 mm mechanical stage

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The MT-61 has a high resolving power Infinity objectives and the 3W transmitted LED illumination, these microscopes can be used for all kind of demanding applications as well for fundamental research

The illumination of the microscope automatically switches off shortly after microscopists steps away from their position.

The unique MT-61 Sensor is developed to avoid unnecessary loss of energy


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